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Mon 25 July 2022
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CoderDojo Luxembourg the only place in Luxembourg where you can learn to code from 6pm to 8pm for free every Week


CoderDojo Luxembourg is for 9 to 18 year olds who want to discover the wondrous worlds of coding, technologies and more.

We meet every Thursday (holidays included, code doesn’t compute that concept) from 18:00 to 20:00 (or later for people who want to stay until their bus comes)

Join us in Bonnevoie click here for a detailed map. You need to go behind the building to access the 2nd floor.

We mainly focus our efforts on coding but are not shy to get our hands on the current hardware trends like the raspberry pi or the in-house 3D-Printer.

The Dojo is an open ended effort and ultimately every participant will create her own amazing project.

There will be no restrictions on prior knowledge for the participants. Bring your curiosity to discover the awesome and let us be awesome together.

You can bring your own laptop, enabling you to continue at home. But most people use the laptops provided at the Dojo and move their code either with a USB Stick or via github

Parents are welcome in our chill area where they can read and wait for the Dojo participants to finish their Ninja moves on the keyboards.

If you need any more detailed information mail us

The efforts are entirely free enabling everyone to join us.

Donations welcome.

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Translations: lu fr de